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On Sunday June 24th 2018, the youths of Saint Paul took over the service.

They led praise and worship, assisted at the pulpit, ushered, and a 12 year old gave the sermon.

We are very proud of them as they continue to grow in Christ.

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Easter Sunday Virtual Worship & at Home Communion

Easter Sunday 2020

Easter Sunday’s Worship Service will be livestreamed this coming Sunday, April 12th, on the Saint Paul YouTube channel starting at 11:15 am.

Please enjoy the service lead by Rev. Will Starkweather and Music Director, J. Marshall Maxwell, and the music from Calabash and the Praise Band. Also, a big thank you to Paddy and Atem for putting together this virtual service so that we can continue worshiping together. 

When the service concludes around 12:25 pm, we encourage you to share it with others. Please note that you can watch any of the previous worship service videos anytime after their initial release. 

Stay safe and healthy!

Remembering The Former Saint Paul Church Building

Last Sunday August 26th, members and friends of Saint Paul Presbyterian church gathered at Christ Church Presbyterian to share memories of our former church building. 

The condition of the property was slowly getting worse and it was sold last year. A gas station now sits where the building used to be for the last 60 plus years. 

There were tears, both happy and sad.  Long time members had so many stories to share as well as photos.

One of the long time members, Lloyd,  brought a list of all those who have gone ahead of us to heaven, and shared stories about them; all which took place in that building.  He has been attending service at that building for 57 years. 

We will be sharing his story and many more  on Facebook this week. Please follow the link bellow to stay connected and read these stories.

We are very grateful for God’s blessings over the years and for our extended church family. We are very excited for what God has for us. 

We’re on the move – worship-wise, and mission wise!

Beginning Sunday, July 29th, Saint Paul will move worship to St. Martin’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1123 Burney Road, Sugar Land, TX. (Ctrl-Click for map).

  St. Marin’s is about one mile from our new site.

Our first two weeks (July 29th and August 5th) we will celebrate worship together at 10:00 am.  July 29th Pastor Will Starkweather of St. Martin’s will lead worship in the St. Martin’s ‘tradition’ assisted by Pastor John.  Pastor John will lead worship in the Saint Paul ‘tradition’ assisted by Pastor Will.  You may be surprised how similar we are.

Beginning Sunday, August 12th, we will go to a regular schedule with St. Martin’s worshiping at 9:30 am with Sunday School at 11:15 am, and Saint Paul Sunday School at 9:30 am with worship beginning at 11:15 am.  Between the services, St. Martin’s and Saint Paul will share fellowship. 

We hope you are excited about the opportunities this offers us including shared ministry with a sister congregation (the PCUSA and the ELCA are full communion partners), a lovely worship environment with projection capability, classrooms, choir rehearsal space, and the ability to build relationships in our new site neighborhood.

In our thoughts and prayers

W  Our sisters and brothers in Cameroon as violence increases.

W  Family and friends of Jack Dunaway upon his joining the church triumphant

W  Elizabeth ‘Boots’ Reese, in assisted care at Clarewood House

W  Roger Judson, at Gardens of Bellaire


New deadlines

  • The new deadline for matters to go into the Sunday bulletin/Sunday projection slides is Thursday at 10:00 am.  This includes calendar, announcements prayer concerns and musical offerings
  • The new deadline for e-Blasts is noon on Wednesdays

Session has eliminated the position of Church Administrator for budgetary reasons.  We thank Christine Anderson for her service and wish her well in her next endeavor.  If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to Pastor John.

Office hours:  Pastor John will usually be in the office from no later than 9:00 am to at least 2:00 pm Monday through Thursday, barring emergencies.  He can also be reached in case of emergency on his cell at 713.906.2051.  Exceptions include Wednesdays from 10:00-10:30 am for ECM Chapel, Thursdays from 9:30-11:00 am for Praise Band rehearsal, and one hour for lunch beginning at 11:30 am.

The phone voicemail will now accept messages after three rings.

If you have a morning or afternoon free and would be willing to answer the phone, please speak with Pastor John.  This is ‘light duty’ so be sure to bring a book 😊.



Have you visited our Facebook page recently? The Saint Paul Facebook page is the most informative when it comes

to the day to day activities of the church and what everyone has been up to! Please visit our Facebook page by

following/clicking this link   Headlines On Sunday June 24th 2018, the

youths of Saint Paul took over the service. They led praise and worship, assisted at the pulpit, ushered, and a 12

year old gave the sermon. We are very proud of them as they continue to grow in Christ.

The Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) recently had an auction to raise money fort the church. Fruit baskets were

auctioned at the end of service, as the church members shared fellowship meal provided by the women.


For more recent church activities and other news, visit our Facebook page.

Hear our sermons on SoundCloud

Recent Saint Paul sermons are now available on SoundCloud. You can hear them on your PC

at or, even better, download the app from SoundCloud, search for Saint Paul

and hear them on your phone. Click to visit our SoundCloud page:

John Hirling welcomed as interim pastor

John Hirling has joined Saint Paul as interim pastor as we continue to seek God’s guidance in finding a new minister for Saint Paul. John is well known to many of us, having served in the Houston area in various capacities and recently at a church in Brenham. Welcome, John! Here is his biographical statement: I was born and reared in Cincinnati. Dad worked as a refrigeration maintenance man for Kroger but had also been a forest ranger and in the Civilian Conservation Corp.  Mom worked for a large retailer when I was young, and later as an audit supervisor for the IRS.  Dad died on Christmas Day, 1988.  Mom died on Easter 2004. I have one sister, Sally, who still lives in Cincinnati. We were a church-going family:  Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, Thursday choir practice, a couple of weeks of revival in the Summer, and VBS, of course. Dad was a bass, Sally, a soprano and I sang tenor. Some of my fondest memories are driving on vacation, singing hymns and anthems, in harmony. Mom taught preschoolers.  Dad was a deacon.  I think I was about eight when I “preached” my first “sermon.”  Though relationships were strong with one another at Chase Avenue Church of Christ (later Clovernook Christian Church), I don’t recall much grace or much emphasis on a living relationship with God. I couldn’t understand why everybody who wasn’t us was going to hell. I also couldn’t understand why women couldn’t serve as ministers, elders or deacons. I thought about going to seminary, but in high school, I discovered a different kind of spirit (or should I say “spirits?”). That is a long story, mostly boring. I’ll be glad to share it with whoever is interested another day. Recovery is much more interesting. I returned to college after serving a tour in the Navy. In 1975, I moved to Galveston and began attending law school at the University of Houston. That’s where I met my first wife. Sobriety found me in 1980. Clare and I were very active in service but church was not part of my plan. Clare convinced me to give it a try, and I thank God that she did. For the first time, I heard a word of grace – at Saint Paul Presbyterian Church – and it was transformative. But I still wasn’t going to become a member of a church. Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor! While serving Saint Paul as youth group leaders, Clare and I learned we could take seminary courses at the Houston extension of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Our pastor took us up for a weekend. I started waking up with a mental image – Presbyterians don’t have visions (grin) – of a corridor with a closed door on the right and a door on the left open the width of my foot and my foot was in it. We applied, and the image went away. Alas, the marriage did not survive seminary. Clare now serves a church in northern Arkansas. I’ve served as a solo pastor in Allen, Texas, (4 years) and northwest Houston (12 years) but for the last 11 years I’ve been doing intentional transitional work. This will be my eighth transitional call. I met Terri in 1998, and we married in 2002.  For many years, we did medieval and Renaissance historical reenactment but have cut back the last couple of years. Terri is an independent contractor for Aflac. My approach to ministry it to “walk alongside” as we serve God together.  You are the experts in the ministries of Saint Paul. Early on, I’ll be trying not to fall off the learning curve. As we serve, we will seek needs to be met, hurts to be healed, and opportunities to grow in faith and witness. If I had to sum up my theology in one line, it would be, “God loves us and there’s nothing we can do about it.” I truly believe that the joy of living comes in serving others.  God be with you! God bless, John

Our temporary home in a Buddhist temple

Saint Paul has moved to a temporary home. Join us at the True Buddha Temple Fellowship Hall located at 7734 Mary Bates in Houston. The plan is eventually to locate the new Saint Paul on five acres at Highway 6 and Voss Road in Sugar Land, near Kempner High School. The congregation voted to sell our longtime home at 7200 Bellaire Blvd. and move to a new site farther west. But for now, we have space at the temporary site for Sunday worship, classes, nursery, Early Childhood Ministries, meetings and all that we need. Join the Saint Paul Presbyterian Church uprising and this major new chapter for the body of Christ.

Our ministry opportunities

Saint Paul folks help homeless and low-income people on a regular basis. We return to Church Under the Bridge on the second Saturday of each month. Church Under the Bridge is operated by Thousand Hills Ministries. Saint Paul folks prepare and serve a meal as part of the worship service. We typically serve up to 100 people or more in each visit. We meet at 5:30 p.m. at Saint Paul and carpool to the site near downtown Houston. We also volunteer at the food pantry operated by the Christian Community Service Center, screening requests for assistance and stocking and providing food from the pantry. Want to help? Join us at St. Luke’s-Gethsemane just down the street on Bellaire Boulevard. No need to sign up – just meet us there! We typically provide this service on the fourth Saturday of every month, from 8:45 a.m. until noon. The Saint Paul Youth accompanied by some young adults and members of the evangelism committee, drive around town once every month or every two months to hand out care packages and bottled water to the homeless and those in need. The care package made up of tooth brush, tooth paste, body lotion, deodorant, and other hygiene needs,  is provided by the church and put together by the children at Sunday school. It’s an exciting experience for the children and all those who join in as they learn about kindness and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We need your help for all the projects! All are welcome. Please join us.


Early Childhood Ministries going strong at 50 years

Early Childhood Ministries, Saint Paul’s preschool program, continues to grow with new students and fun programs.  Register your child today! ECM has served the children of southwest Houston for 50 years with a nurturing environment and an outstanding staff.  Call 713-772-1819 or email to learn more. There’s also information here.