About Saint Paul

Saint Paul is a diverse — and, we think, unique — congregation of Africans and longtime locals. You’ll see the diversity in worship styles and music.

Our traditional choir (with organ) might sing an old hymn, followed by a song by our African choir Calabash, often in their native language. You’ll hear contemporary praise music, too. But Saint Paul is a church where you can be yourself. That’s what “come as you are” means to us. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what clothes you wear, where you live and work, or where you might be (or might not be) on your spiritual journey. God takes each of us “as is,” and then we help each other grow to become everything God intended us to be. You’ll find:

  • Creative and enjoyable services
  • Relevant and practical teaching
  • Meaningful mission and outreach programs to serve others
  • A quality youth program

Our door is open if you decide to visit. We look forward to that day.